In your career, are you acting like a Human Doing or a Human Being?

If you are feeling like running a rat race then it's time to make some changes in your career so that you too can Feel Alive At Work. I help you do just that!

Trusted by CLIENTS FROM:

i take your fear and confusion out of your changing careers.

i don't help you just "change". I help you feel alive at work.

A sense of Aliveness is key to your mental and physical health. You may need to change your career to achieve it or just simply make a few changes to your current position. I can help you with:

One off coaching session to help you get clarity on your career direction

A 9-session 1:1 full career change coaching journey 

Are you, too, trapped in a golden cage?

Do you have a "good job", nice team, work for a company others admire, and yet feel trapped, unfulfilled and drained? Then you're in the "golden cage". I've been there and I'll help you out so you'll Feel Alive At Work, energized at the end of the day and confident in your new role. 

My evidence-led*, neuroscience-based four-step coaching framework helps you do just that, without the risk of making any mistake or regretting it later.

I have helped hundreds of senior professionals making changes in their career and can help you too. 

*The framework is based on research from from Harvard, MIT and other top institutions.

Federico Sanavio

Product and Proposition Manager 

I was stuck in a 9 to 5 job in the financial industry without personal fulfilment and looking for a change. Bruna has been very helpful in helping me to re-discover myself, my skills, my passions, my values and my potential for a future career change. Bruna’s methods are very clear, mind-opening and easy to follow. 

Hear it directly from My coaching clients

Kimberly Fitch Tully

Chief Executive Officer

Her expertise in this area helped me to be successful in finding a new role in the charity/volunteer sector, after 27 years with the same company and industry.

Tom Ellis

EMEA AWS Alliance Manager 

Bruna’s fantastic knowledge and background of neuroscience, combined with her ability to quickly understand and identify my challenges in a personable manner, lead me to quickly realise what I was missing in life and the direction I really wanted to go in.

Anna Carfora

counsellor trainee

The work of “knowing myself”, has been a fascinating journey that I fell in love with, and that led to valuing and appreciating myself to the point of growing my confidence and courage to change career. The thing I loved the most about this project is that it is very real and practical, and it works.

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Watch my TEDx Talk: "Bring who you are into what you do"


I spent 17 years in a job I hated and acted more like a Human Doing rather than a Human Being. And it wasn't fun!

For two decades I felt trapped in a golden cage with no idea what else I could do and how I could possibly sell myself in a different career given my monotematic CV. It took many years, tears, fears and costly mistakes to understand "how" to identify the career that would make me feel alive and financially secure.

When I finally I did it, I turned all that poison into medicine and used the same steps and tools to help over a hundred professionals do the same who are now saying that it feels like "being born again"!

Follow us and you'll see why... and you'll love it too, no doubts!

Bruna De Palo, Founder at The Career Change Maker
Neuroscience-based Executive Coach, PCC

Any burning questions?

Here's the most common ones I receive:

  • career change


How do you help me identify the career that will make me feel alive? What if I regret the move?

I guide in the discovery of who you are and how you function - together we'll create a "compass" that shows you what career path, industry or sector would best honour your assets and gifts. While there are many exciting career paths available, not all of them will make you feel energised and fulfilled.

My step-by-step neuroscience-based Career Change Framework helps you overcome your fears, challenges and blocks so that you can embark on a career change course without regrets or doubts.

I help you take the fear and confusion out of changing careers.



Why you're lost and how to clarify what you want and need.

  • Who you are and how you function
  • Discover your gifts and purpose in life
  • Develop your inner compass and establish the direction



Why you're scared and how to handle your fears.

  • Rediscover and trust your intuition
  • Recognise your value and increase your confidence
  • Change your narrative and raise your self-image



How to get unstuck and stay motivated along the way.

  • Match your inner compass with the market offer
  • Identify the path, gather information and connections
  • Establish connections in the new industry/sector



How to make it happen with confidence and assertiveness.

  • New personal brand and exit strategy 
  • Job hunting strategies with no experience in the new sector
  • Cover letter, CV, Linkedin profile
  • Elevator pitch and interview skills
  • Networking skills and strategy

What if there isn't a career that I will succeed at?

Since you're alive, I can 100% guarantee there's a career out there that will honour what you bring into the world, and I'll help you find it, no question. The bigger question is: how willing are you to move to a meaningful career that will honour your being?

How can you help me persuade an employer to hire me when I have no experience in that new career? 

You've probably tried to change career on your own using your typical CV, only to receive silence in return. This is because you're missing key concepts about career change. Instead, I'll show you ways to play your best cards without making common mistakes when facing a new employer. 

I am not sure I want to change my career. What's the best way to get clarity?

Book a call with me and I'll explore where you are now, and help you get clarity on the right next step for you. Transparency is my most precious value, we'll have a candid conversation and refer you to a coach that better suits you if I'm not the ideal coach for you right now.

I want to change career but I do not have time nor energy. What shall I do? 

This programme has been designed for people whose time is scarce and precious. I will help you optimise your time and energy by using specific tools, templates, guidance and resources needed to move forward. You will just need to execute, it couldn't be easier!