i help people make changes in their career so that they feel Alive at work!

I'm a Neuroscience-based Executive Coach and after I changed my career in 2015 I have helped over a hundred people get out of their golden cage into a career that makes them Feel Alive, energized and fulfilled. 

I've been featured in TEDx, Business Insider, spoken at global events, conferences and kickoff meetings.

I spent 17 years in a job I hated.

I spent 17 years in a what it felt like a rat race, acting like a Human Doing rather than a Human Being, feeling lost, frustrated and trapped in a golden cage I never really belonged to. 

It took many years and mistakes before I understood the key to finding the right career, and when I found it, I built my whole around it. 

Since then, I've been helping other senior professionals make changes in their careers so that they too can feel Alive at work following the same four, vital steps, and they're now fulfilled, energised and alive as never felt before. 

And I'd love to help you achieve the same!

Bruna De Palo, Founder The Career Change Maker
Neuroscience-based Executive Coach, PCC

I've honed my training and coaching skills at the top schools in the world, including:

Meet the mind behind The Career Change Maker


Neuroscience-based Executive Coach, PCC

Founder of The Career Change Maker and Think and Act differently, I changed career after nearly 20 years in tech where I felt like a Human Doing and have now turned my poison into medicine for all those who are in the same golden cage. I combines my passion for growth with my studies in neuroscience for business and psychology to provide top class coaching services to my clients worldwide. 

You can find more info about me on www.brunadepalo.com

I'm changing the way people think about their career. I believe the you should pursue a sense of aliveness and that it can only come from a career that leverages who you are, how you function and all you bring into the world, not just your skills and expertise.

I help you bring who you are into what you do and Feel Alive At Work. 

bruna DE PALO

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