From Frustrated to fulfilled in just 4 steps!

Forget fear of change, loneliness and frustration: we turn your career change into a fun and inspiring experience where you discover the career that will make you feel alive and transit safely and confidently. 

all you need to move to a career that will make you feel alive

The Career Change Accelerator is a neuroscience-based, action-oriented and motivating experience jam packed with guidance, tools, resources, support, templates and practical advice that helped over a hundred clients change their career and will help you too!

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9 weeks

WEEKLY Commitment:

1.5 hour per session
+/- 2 hours homework


Small online cohorts
Limited places available

Take the fear, confusion and risks out of your career change

We provide you with research-based tools, easy-to-follow frameworks and actionable strategies that will take you from finding your ideal career and to get ready to transit to the new chapter of your career.

When you try to change on your own

  • No idea what else you could do/how to sell yourself make you procrastinate
  • Fear of making mistakes that will cost you your reputation and savings keep you stuck
  • You're lost, frustrated and never sure if and how can change

When you change career with us

  • You stay on track as you have step-by-step guidance, tools and templates
  • You enjoy the journey as you feel supported, encouraged and guided
  • You get 100% clear on who you are and what career will make you feel alive

In this program, you will:

  • Build an internal compass and find your north star
  • Learn how to handle your fears and trust your intuition
  • Refuel your motivation and stay on track
  • Learn how to make decisions with no regrets
  • Learn how to align who you are with what you do
  • Master the use of your brain and other vital skills
  • Learn to pitch yourself with confidence and authenticity

I'm changing the way people think about their careers. I believe that we should pursue a sense of aliveness and that it can only come from a career that leverages who you are, how you function, and all you bring into the world, not just your skills and expertise.

I Help You Bring Who You Are Into What You Do and Feel Alive at Work. 

bruna de palo


Neuroscience-based Executive Coach, PCC

From Frustrated To Fulfilled In Just 4 Steps

the Career Change Accelerator 

This program s a unique, interactive, live small group program you can take from anywhere in the world! It includes:

Initial alignment Call

A chat will ensure you'll be fully comfortable with the program and on the same page with the other participants.

9 Weekly Live Sessions

Practical, inspiring, energising and planned to fit around your other commitments, each session will leave you with clarity, confidence and clear action steps. Recordings and transcriptions will be provided.

9 X Get-Things-Done And Q&A Sessions

Weekly Zoom sessions to work together on your assignments so you'll stay on track and motivated. 

Accountability System

A chat will ensure you'll be fully comfortable with the program and on the same page with the other participants.

A buddy will help you stay on track , no chances for you to fall off-track, guaranteed!

Workbooks, Tools, Templates

...and exercises, resources and all you need to take get results, saving time, energy and headache!

2 X 45-Min One-On-One Sessions

Two individual coaching sessions during or after the programme ends to make the most of your experience.

My Career Change Framework takes you

from frustrated to fulfilled in 4 steps! 

My neuroscience-based Career Change Framework connects your Being with the Doing so that you will find a career where you can express who you are through your job and Feel Alive. That's why you'll never have regrets or doubts about your move



Why you're lost and how to clarify what you want and need.

  • Who you are and how you function
  • Discover your gifts and purpose in life
  • Develop your inner compass and establish the direction



Why you're scared and how to handle your fears.

  • Rediscover and trust your intuition
  • Recognise your value and increase your confidence
  • Change your narrative and raise your self-image



How to get unstuck and stay motivated along the way.

  • Match your inner compass with the market offer
  • Identify the path, gather information and connections
  • Establish connections in the new industry/sector



How to make it happen with confidence and assertiveness.

  • New personal brand and exit strategy 
  • Job hunting strategies with no experience in the new sector
  • Cover letter, CV, Linkedin profile
  • Elevator pitch and interview skills
  • Networking skills and strategy

Why you should join us

The 9 live sessions will provide you with all you need to identify and move to the right career for you with no risk of regrets. 

You'll be surrounded by likeminded, energizing professionals who, like you, want to find out what their mission is and how to accomplish it through their career so you too, like our previous clients, will feel fulfilled, alive and full of energy at the end of your working days!

You'll love it as much as all our past clients did because you will take an inspiring and empowering self-discovery journey that will show you who you are, how you function and what's your mission on this planet. Equipped with 100% understanding of yourself, you will feel more confident and learn to make decisions that will honour who you are and make you feel alive with literally zero risk to fail.


We'll let you know as soon as there is a seat available in the next cohort

They made it, you can change your career too!

Freddy Alfred

business analyst

It was truly a worthwhile investment that will pay back itself many times over. I would definitely recommend Bruna to someone considering a career change or someone looking to maximise their potential. 

Sara Dance

certified breath coach

Working with Bruna has been life-changing. I am a completely different person from when I began this journey. I highly recommend her for being transformational.
She provided a positive challenge and was a joy to work with. 

Luke Harbord

Chief Technology Officer 

Bruna is a fantastic coach whose evidence-led, neuroscience-based approach has really resonated with me - giving me a robust tool kit to overcome challenges in my career. I’d recommend Bruna to anybody looking to align their career around true fulfilment.

you will benefit from

Small cohorts accessible only by application

We focus on quality, not quantity, with a personalized approach.

Accountability System

Stay on track with our live group and one-to-one sessions, buddy system, Get-Things-Done sessions

Grow your network

By being part of an energizing group of likeminded people


Make a mindshift for life: you won't just change your career, YOU will change too, for good

Safe and welcoming environment

You're all on the same page, you'll feel like you're within friends where you can speak openly and feel welcomed.

Learn how your brain works

You get empowerd by learning know how your brain functions and set yourself up for success in your career and life.

With one single investment, you will make a huge difference in your personal life too. 

Knowing who you are, how you function and how to make decisions that honour all that will have a tremendous impact in every area of your life. Some clients liken it to "being born again". It means that following this framework you get what you pay for – and so much more than you can imagine:

overcome limiting beliefs and Increase confidence 

Moving towards a fulfilling career will bolster your feel-good vibes all round.

Be present with family and friends

Aligning who you are on the inside and out will free you up professionally and personally.

increase your emotional intelligence

When you work on your blocks and frustrations, you'll learn to regulate your emotions too. 

Honour yourself more

There is nothing greater than finding your life's purpose and live authentically.

own your value and Communicate it better

This suite of strategies will help you clarify and communicate your gifts to the world with poise.

Take better and faster decisions

Using neuroscience, psychology and a map of who you are, decision making will become a breeze.

Your questions, answered. 

The Accelerator helps you discover who you are, and how you function and transit to a career that honours your being so that you feel fulfilled, alive and on purpose. Aliveness is not only a nice-to-have. It's vital to your success, health and fulfilment.

How is the programme structured?

The programme starts on the designated day and will run for nine weeks. Each week you will have one 90-minutes group sessions and one two-hour Get-Things-Done complementary sessions to work on the assignments together and ask questions. In short: you can either do your homework on your own or benefit from the collective energy of the group!

The programme also includes two, 45-minutes one-on-one coaching sessions with your coach when needed during the programme, or up to three months after the end of it.

The programme includes:

  • 9 Weekly 90 mins group coaching sessions on Zoom
  • 9 Weekly, optional Get-Things-Done sessions with Q&A 
  • 2 one-on-one sessions of 45 mins each with your coach
  • Tools, exercises, resources and templates for CV, elevator pitch and all you need to transit
  • Accountability system
  • Unlimited support from your coach via email
How many people there will be in my cohort?

You will work with a small group of up to 10 energising, inspiring and motivating likeminded people who, like you, are looking for the career that will make them feel alive. 

What's the Accountability System?

You will be paired with another member to work together and support each other throughout the programme. The buddy system you will build with the help of your coach will ensure that you have a fun and inspiring journey – and stay on track – while discovering the right career for you and how to move safely and confidently. 

There's no risk you'll lose your motivation. It's pretty likely that instead, you'll love it so much that you won't want to leave at the end!

What is my weekly commitment?

To make such a bold move to another career you will be required to do some exercises that will help you move in the rigth direction. How long will they depends entirely on your learning pace, roughly it could be a couple of hours per week. 

When do the sessions happen? What if I cannot attend all of them?

The weekly coaching sessions happen online on Zoom every week for 9 weeks and will be recorded, so if you miss some won't be a massive issue, although we highly recommend to attend all of them in person to make the most of them.

The Get -Things-Done sessions are optional and, again, we recommend to attend them as they're a great opportunity to ask questions, share breakthrough and benefit of the collective energy of the group! They happen over the weekend. 

How do I know if this programme is the right fit for me?

It's vital for you and for us that we are a good fit in terms of vision, values and purpose. That's why before you commit to the program, we'll have a 20-minute call to ensure we are aligned and that we can serve you in the best possible way.

What will I learn in this programme, that I don't already know?

This programme will help you discover who you truly are beyond what you think about yourself. Through it, you will build a more realistic self-image so that you don't have that sense of not being good enough, or that feeling of dissonance between who you are and what you do in your job (aka Imposter Syndrome).

 Using a "compass" tool, you will be shown at a glance the right decisions for you so that you can see what career path will make you feel alive with 100% clarity. No more doubts, fear or regrets. You will transit to a career that honours who you are and where you can bring your full self into what you do.

On top of this, you will learn how your brain works and how you can optimise its functions in a practical, relatable way so that you can better control your behaviour and better understand others, too. You will learn what keeps you stuck, how to handle your emotions and negative self-talk, and take bolder actions to expand your possibilities in life so that you, too, can feel alive.

Why should I choose a neuroscience-based approach to change my career?

Because with one investment, you will impact your career AND your private life too. While the programme focuses on finding the right career for you and transiting you to the new role, certain milestones like discovering who you are, handling your fears, overcoming your limiting beliefs and so on change you deeply. This will manifest positively in every other area of your life, not just your career.

What are the benefits of this approach?

Imagine how different your life would be if you were always confident in the decisions you make and if you could be in control of your reactions, mental patterns and behaviours. Your family, relationships, finances and every other area of your life would benefit from you being in the flow. All this happens when you understand who you truly are, how you function and how to optimise the workings of your brain. That's what our clients experience with our programme, and you will experience it too.

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