Book a golden hour: the fastest way to get clarity and take the next steps!

The Golden Hour is a highly practical, insightful and empowering one off coaching session providing you with the clarity you need to take the next steps forward. Jam packed with brain insights, tools, workbooks, resources... honestly I couldn't make it easier for you to thrive! 

What changes do you need to make to feel alive at work?

Be it a career change, simply getting clarity, or setting goals or finding the confidence to pursue them I got you covered!

My Golden Hour session is a highly practical and interactive session delivered virtually via Zoom, underpinned with brain insights, reusable templates and workbooks, processes, resources, advice.

They're fully tailored to your needs so that you can feel confident in your next steps and move faster, saving time, energy and patience.

In our Golden Hour I can help you:

Get clear on why you feel frustrated at work
Make the changes needed to feel alive
Get a solid view of who you are and build a career in alignment
Rebrand CV, LinkedIn and master interview skills
Work towards a promotion, become a better leader
Increase your confidence and learn to trust your intuition
Build your personal brand and be recognised as an expert
Define job hunting strategies and tactics
Learn to make decisions with no regrets
Pitch yourself with confidence and authenticity

Overall Benefits included in our Golden Hour

  • Make changes with no doubts, regrets or second guesses
  • Move faster with templates, tools, resources and workbooks provided
  • Enjoy the pleasure of having a top professional who motivates you along the way
  • Re-utilise the material provided in the future
  • Build connections in the new industry/sector
  • Master vital life skills such as solid decision making, fear management, intuition

I'm changing the way people think about their careers. I believe that we should pursue a sense of aliveness and that it can only come from a career that leverages who you are, how you function, and all you bring into the world, not just your skills and expertise.

I Help You Bring Who You Are Into What You Do and Feel Alive at Work. 

bruna de palo


LIMITED availability

  • Clarity questionnaire
  • 60 minutes coaching session with me
  • Access to workbooks, tools, templates and resources


They made it, you can feel alive at work too!

Freddy Alfred

business analyst

It was truly a worthwhile investment that will pay back itself many times over. I would definitely recommend Bruna to someone considering a career change or someone looking to maximise their potential. 

Sara Dance

certified breath coach

Working with Bruna has been life-changing. I am a completely different person from when I began this journey. I highly recommend her for being transformational.
She provided a positive challenge and was a joy to work with. 

Luke Harbord

Chief Technology Officer 

Bruna is a fantastic coach whose evidence-led, neuroscience-based approach has really resonated with me - giving me a robust tool kit to overcome challenges in my career. I’d recommend Bruna to anybody looking to align their career around true fulfilment.

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