How To Create A Career Change Plan so That you can Feel Alive At Work And Thrive

THE ONLY PLAN THAT GUARANTEES YOU'LL FEEL alive, energized and fulfilled at work.

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Do you want to feel energized at the end of your working day and feel on purpose?

This highly acclaimed InspirActional Masterclass combines neuroscience findings with a practical tool that helps you make changes in your career if you:

Feel unfulfilled but you don't know why and what to do.

Miss the "alive" feeling you used to have years ago.

No idea how to make a career plan that feels right.

Worry you'll look back and regret your career choices.

"Fulfillment is not about what you do, it's about how you feel about what you do and self-expression is the key to Feeling Alive At Work."

Bruna De Palo, PCC
Neuroscience-based Executive Coach

Get in-depth insights and actionable steps to build a career plan that ensures you feel alive at work and will never regret your choices - it includes our Fully Alive Career Plan Tool.

Finally, A Simple, clear career plan framework and tool to rethink your career, feel alive at work and thrive. 

Gain Clarity And Feel Confident In Your Career Decisions

(even if you have the habit of second-guessing yourself)

In this 2.5 hour interactive and practical Live Masterclass you will learn why you're feeling frustrated and what changes you need to make to ensure you feel alive and work on your Fully Alive Career Planning Tool that will help you map out:

  • The best direction for you
  • What you need to do and when
  • How to make it happen
  • How to measure your progress

The Career Planning Tool will help you better understand yourself and provide a framework to make decisions that enhance your sense of aliveness and fulfilment. It also includes tips on how to find a mentor, build an accountability system, measure your progress and much more, so you don't have to do it on your own: you just have to fill it out. Honestly, it couldn't be simpler.

what you'll walk away with at the end

clarity on why you're unfulfilled and how to get unstuck

You'll gain clarity on what to do, and how to think about your career to feel alive again. 

techniques to Discover who you are and how you function

Get a solid view of who you are and stay connected with yourself while the world spins. 

Choose career goals that ensure fulfilment

You'll stop being afraid that you're not making the best choices for your future. 

your Fully Alive Career Plan 

This premium template will help you plan a career that makes you feel energized and excited. 

Here’s What You Get attending the masterclass

Our 2.5 hour masterclass will give you everything you need to build a career plan that excites/motivates you and will keep you on track over time:


Part 1: How your brain works, why you're not fulfilled and what to do about it


Part 2: How to rediscover who you are and make the career changes needed to feel alive at work
Tool: Your Fully Alive Career Planning Tool

Andrew Warwick

Regulatory Compliance Manager

I was fortunate enough to work with Bruna, and what a fantastic experience it was! I was lucky enough to benefit from her expertise and insight into techniques and tools to help you bring yourself into what you do.

David Power

Head of Agency sales 

Bruna has a unique skill (or 'gift') to make complex psychology-related topics easy, inspiring and actionable to benefit your career and life outside your career. Bruna bring activities and theory to sessions to drive engagement and help the attendees who left energised, excited and thinking about their career in an entirely new (positive) way!

Ciarae Schumann

Director, Customer Success Enablement

I’m not new to coaching, but I have never come across a better coach than Bruna. The biggest breakthrough for me was exploring my unique gifts and understanding how these can be used as a lens through which to decide the next step in my career journey. Bruna has such a depth of knowledge into how the brain works, and I think this is what makes her such an effective coach. 

Bruna De Palo, PCC
Neuroscience-based Executive Coach

Top brands hire me to deliver this masterclass to their employees. Now you can attend it too!

If you're stuck in your career, unfulfilled and clueless about what to do about it, this InspirActional Masterclass is exactly what you need. Samsung, Google and the like hire me to teach their employees how their brain works and how to make career choices that enhance its functions. Grab your seat so that you too can learn how to turn your career into a source of energy, aliveness and fulfilment so that you will jump out of bed every morning!


what exactly is included in this masterclass? 

You will attend a live, 2.5 hours InspirActional Masterclass and bring home the Fully Alive Career Planning Tool that will help you stay on track.

We've made it super easy for you to build a career that makes you feel alive, fulfilled and energized. 

£ 297

  • Live InspirActional Masterclass with Q&A
  • Fully Alive Career Planning Tool
  • 2.5 Hours of Brain Insights and Actionable Strategies
  • STAR BONUS! 15% Off on the Career Change 1:1 program

...and the best part? You'll learn to make the "right decisions" for your life too so you can finally eradicate the habit of second guessing and feel and live better.

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Here's what I'm most frequently asked

What will I learn in this Masterclass?

This Masterclass will help you learn why you're not fulfilled, and how to make a career plan that brings who you are into what you do. I'll show you how to make a sustainable plan that puts you in your element so you can be successful without feeling drained. 

How will you teach me to make the right career decisions?

You will learn that the only way to feel alive at work is to bring who you are into what you do. The number one step to be able to do so is to rediscover who you are, how you function and what put your brain in its best possible condition so that you will perform at your best. The "right" decision is always the one that honours, leverage and exploits as many as possible of your characteristics. When you use them, you feel alive, fulfilled and energized and I'll teach you how to rediscover who you are and how to turn this into your compass for career (and life) decisions. 

Will you help me make a career plan?

With my neuroscience-based Career Planning tool, you'll fill out your path to making a change. As you do, you'll gain a clear perspective on what's important to you, and how you can best move into your element in your career. It's like having a north star for feeling fulfilled and alive at work.

What is Neuroscience?

Neuroscience is the science that studies how the brain works. In this masterclass, I'll teach you how your brain works in relation to behaviour and emotion so that you can find a wiser and more sustainable way to plan your career.

I've already read a lot about this topic, what's new here?

Most of my clients have spent years reading books, listening to podcasts, and trying to figure out how to feel happy in their work. And yet, they struggle to put their knowledge into practice - perhaps because "happiness at work" is not even the goal they need to pursue. This masterclass will give you step-by-step tools and plans to help you stay accountable and finally feel truly alive in your career, which implies also being happy, fulfilled and energized.